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20 décembre 2011 2 20 /12 /décembre /2011 14:39

03122011859Cinq Grandes Loges Régulières ne reconnaissent plus la GLNF.

Ce n'est qu'un début.

Le Gourou et ses affidés peuvent être heureux du travail accompli !!!

Déclaration officielle (version originale).


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20 12 2011



The United Grand Lodges of Germany (VGLD), the Grand Lodge of Austria, the Grand Lodge
Alpina of Switzerland, the Grand Lodge of Luxembourg and the Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium
have met in London on the 14th of December, following their joint declaration of October 2011 in


It is with consternation, sadness and indignation that they see discord and division gradually and
continuously increasing and worsening within the Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF) since
October 2009, a shocking process of moral disintegration and organizational decomposition which
culminated in the events surrounding GLNF's General Assembly of the 2nd and 3rd of December 2011.
These events have also been reflected upon and commented in the media in the profane world,
reporting extensively facts which up to now have never been seen in the history of Freemasonry and
which are intolerable taking into account its values.


These events and the irresponsible reaction of the leaders of the GLNF - in spite of repeated pleas of a
growing number of foreign Grand Lodges - can only be seen as trespassing the boundaries of what is
acceptable, and undoubtedly prove that the GLNF continues to violate Freemasonry's basic principles
and tenets.


After a supplementary time of consideration, with deep regret, but with severity and
determination the undersigned Grand Masters have therefore agreed to initiate, without delay,
within their respective Grand Lodges the procedure of withdrawal of their recognition of the
GLNF, each according to its specific bye-laws.


The Grand Lodges of Austria, Belgium (RGLB), Germany (VGLD), Luxembourg, Switzerland
(Alpina) reconfirm their attachment, support and solidarity to and with the French Masons willing to
work serenely and strictly respecting Regularity under a governance worthy of that name. They will
act accordingly.



Grand Lodge of Austria A.F. & A.M., M. W. Bro. Nikolaus Schwärzler, GM

Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium, M. W. Bro. Eli Peeters, GM

United Grand Lodges of Germany, M. W. Bro. Rüdiger Templin, GM

Grand Lodge of Luxembourg, M. W. Bro. Paul Geisen, GM

Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland, M. W. Bro. Jean-Michel Mascherpa, GM


signature Geisen

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Jean-Michel Mascherpa Paul Geisen Eli Peeters

Grand Master Grand Master Grand Master





Nikolaus Schwärzler Rüdiger Templin

Grand Master Grand Master

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TONTON BERETTA de LA BUTTE 20/12/2011 16:02

C'est Noel...ça sent le sapin !

Vercingetorix 20/12/2011 18:09

Vive le vent d'hiver !