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17 décembre 2011 6 17 /12 /décembre /2011 09:55

ANELes pays bas suspendent leur reconnaissance...


Une GL Régulière de plus au tableau de chasse du guide Rétro-éclairé!




To all Regular Grand Lodges, in amity with the “Orde van Vrijmetselaren onder
het Grootoosten der Nederlanden” (Dutch Order of Freemasons).

Dear Brethren,

In conformity with the decisions, taken by our “Grootoosten” during its meeting on
June 18th 2011, the Board of our Order has further investigated the causes and
nature of the internal quarrels within the “Grande Loge Nationale Française” and
their repercussions on Freemasonry in The Netherlands and elsewhere.
Our Board sought and found discussions with Brethren on both sides of the dividing
line in GLNF, including Dutch Brethren living in France and involved with GLNF
lodges, in order to get a better overall picture of the situation. We even offered our
services in the search for a restoration of Masonic relations between the quarreling
In addition to the information from these sources we received reports about the
disturbing developments during the Annual Communication in Paris on December
3rd, both from Brethren present and from public sources.

Our Board agreed today upon a decision, proposed by Grand Master Willem Meijer,
to suspend the official relations between our Order and GLNF, considering that

conflicts between the formal leadership under GM Stifani and the ‘opposition’
have escalated further, resulting in a rather unworkable situation,

the widely publicized quarrels within GLNF provide a stain on the good standing
of (regular) Freemasonry in Europe,

internal mediation has failed to the extent that both parties do not foresee a
bridging of the present gap or a solution to the inimical skirmishes now prevailing,

the rather autocratic attitude taken by GLNF’s leadership has contributed largely
to the present situation,

GLNF’s efforts to be involved in French political circles contradict a key principle
of regular Freemasonry,

as soon as GLNF’s internal relations are restored according to Masonic
standards, the Dutch Order will be happy to restore full contacts.
The Hague, December 16th 2011

Sincerely and fraternally,
Henk Mreijen, Grand Secretary
P O B 11525 | 2502 AM The H | TheN thel nds

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